Advice on how to live anonymously

Nobody has the right to your personal information. Even if they’re the government. They don’t have a right to know where you are, who you’re with, what you buy, or who you talk to. They will tell you they have the right to know and they’ll give you all sorts of good sounding reasons like ‘battling terrorism’ but, in the end, it’s all a lie to get data that can be used to control, catalog, and track you and they don’t have a right to it.

Most people don’t value their right to remain anonymous.  They believe that they have no need for anonymity if they aren’t doing anything wrong. That’s another lie we’re told.  Everywhere we go, our anonymity is being assaulted. We’re asked to identify ourselves all the time even when doing something as simple as purchasing a book at a bookstore. All of this data that we willingly provide goes into massive corporate databases where it’s studied, plotted, analyzed, and used to create even more sophisticated ways to assault our privacy and manipulate our reality.

So how can we step out of the Matrix? How can we operate in today’s modern world without compromising our anonymity? It’s actually not that difficult if we put a little thought into it and that’s what we’re going to discuss for the rest of this post.

Hands down, the easiet way to remain anonymous is to simply not give our your personal information. This is particularly easy in retails stores that routinely ask you for a phone number, name, or email address before processing a purchase. Don’t give it. Tell them there is no reason they need that information when all you want to do is make a purchase. They will cite policy and you can either ask them to speak to a manager or simply walk out. Most times, the clerk or the manager will fold and they will process your purchase without any personal information at all. In the rare event that a store won’t process your order without collecting your information you can either make up bogus info (not recommended) or you can simply walk out. Personally, I recommend telling them you will not purchase from somewhere that requires personal information and then walk out and write a letter to their corporate office expressing why you did not make the purchase.

The above discussion applies to purchasing everything except controlled substances where the law requires that you validate your age. In that case, I recommend pulling out your id and covering your name and information with your finger. Allow them to punch in your date of birth and nothing else. This is all they need to know.

Next, let’s talk about making non-cash purchases. While cash is definitely your best friend, it’s not always practical to carry around in large amounts and there are times when you will want to use a credit card.  In those situations, I recommend that you use prepaid credit cards that you can purchase at Walmart, Target, and some banks. Purchasing these cards does not require you to identify yourself and you can get the card ‘personalized’ (and reloadable) using bogus information. Pay cash for your card and it’s fairly untracable and anonymous. Use it anywhere you want to including withdrawing cash from ATM’s.

So we now have some anonymity but what about operating in the world where you may be forced to identify yourself. Perhaps you’ve encountered a police officer in a state or locale where providing ID to a peace office is mandantory or maybe you’re trying to open a bank account or something else that requires identification to complete (and there are no options that do not require it available).  This is a sticky point and it’s one that you will have to use your own judgement about because it can techincally be breaking the law. I’m talking about fake identity documents.

Before we go on, I should point out that I am in NO WAY advocating the use of false identification. However, each person must decide their actions by themselves and I’m simply going to discuss fake id as an option.

There are many ways to obtain fake identification. There are companies online selling ‘novelty’ documents that look exactly like the real thing and there are even real-world people in larger cities running entire businesses around providing false identification to people.  However you get your fake ID, it’s not really enough to simply get a fake drivers license. To be effective, you’re going to need a full set which include id, social security card, and birth certificate. Obviously, this can be quite expensive but, depending on how anonymous you want to be, the price might be worth it.

Why should you have a full set? Because it looks more convincing than a single document. If you’ve got a drivers license, social security card, birth certificate, college diploma, and other documents all in the same name, it’s very unlikely you’ll be questioned too much about your identity. And having all of those documents allows you to operate fully in the real world without ever having to use your real name.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you use someone else’s identity! Good documents people will create completey new identities for you that are clean. They aren’t the ID of a dead person or someone currently living in another state. Not using someone else’s identity is important because, if you’re caught using your fake identity in a situation where it may be illegal to use false identification, at least you will not be charged with identity theft and all the associated crimes they love to tack onto it.

So using the steps above, you should be able to operate completely anonymously in the real world. But what about the online world?  In my next article, I’ll cover the basics of remaining completely anonymous online and how to get everything you need set up for free.



About anonymouscitizen33
I am a free citizen not loyal to any government or country that oppresses or restricts freedom. I stand with those who stand for and fight for freedom. I am Anonymous and I will not go away.

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